How to remove more flow headings on all pages

I have tried to remove the flow headings by clicking ‘never’ under flow headings in layout options, but they are still visible on all the other pages. I tried removing overrides (which I get on the first page when I try to write the title) and the flow headers are still there. What to do?


That does not look like a flow heading (in your image) but a running page header. To change that one needs to alter the (default) Page Template.

As Derrek says: Flow Headings are the titles at the start of each Flow. What you’re after is page Headers, which you need to remove from the Page Template.

Don’t write the title into the first page! The title will automatically use the Project title in Project Info.

Here’s a labelled picture showing where different bits of information at the tops of pages come from:

This is the best place to save all relevant information for your project and each of its flows, including titles and composers: