How to remove older Cubase versions from Windows computer?

How do I get the older versions of Cubase (6 & 7) off of my computer? Whenever I try using Control Panel or other methods I always get the message:
“The specified account already exists”
The computer then stops trying to remove it and reverts back to it’s normal state. No removal has happened.

You should be able to use the regular Windows Uninstaller.

Have you tried running it with Admin rights?

I haven’t tried Admin. I assumed I would be prompted to do so. I’ll see if I can figure that out and give it a try.

Right+click and it’s an option

Are the preferences and system files for each version completely isolated from one another?

Preferences are, yes. Not sure what you mean by “system files”.
It might be worth noting that if no preferences folder exists when Cubase launches, such as first time it runs after install, it will copy some settings over from previous versions if such is available.

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By system files I meant the files in the non-project Cubase folders. eg. On a Mac the Application Support folders.