How to remove part edits from pool?

OK, I get drag to the Trash folder, sure. But what about when you can’t see the Trash folder in the Pool window?

I took a live kick drum track and cut the snare bleed from it on a 3 minute track. At 4/4 @ 170 BPM that’s a lot of edits that are all stored in my pool. Once my kick track was edited I bounced it in place as ‘new’. So I no longer need these duplicated kick tracks and I want to remove them from my pool. The problem is my pool is so large, I can’t drag the many edited kick tracks to the Trash folder. As I group circle ten of them and try to drag them to the Trash, the Pool window does not automatically scroll to the Trash folder that is below my desktop monitor view. Which means I can’t remove the edits.

Am I stuck with this huge Pool?

You don’t need to drag, I never do. Just right click in the top area of the pool window, and you get a list of options, among which ‘remove unused media’ and ‘empty trash’.

Arjan - Thank you. That makes perfect sense and makes the task MUCH easier. Doh! :laughing: