HOW to remove RAST-A from my computer?


I need help to remove RAST-A from my computer.
Every time I start Cubase 10 Pro, the program shows a pop up message alert to remind me that will not load RAST-A Plug in, because I do’t have I activate licence code. I just want to make that alert stop from showing.
How can I do that, please?

I came from Cubase 5, and on that version we could access all Plug-ins path locations.

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HI and welcome,

If you are on Windows, just use the standard WIndows uninstaller.

Go to the VST plugins folder and simply delete the plugin

Thank you very much guys.

I’ve Bought recently Cubase 10 pro Full - came with HALion Sonic SE 3, and installed on a Windows 10 computer. I’ve tried to find a file with ‘RAST-A’ name and win found nothing. I’m newbie; Can you tell me please where can I find [VST plugins folder] where that Halion file can be?

Thank you in advance.