How to remove "recent" projectfiles

Woow , what’s this … i cannot remove the recent files ??..unbelievable
How to do this ?

Cubase 6.5 is a awesome program, but there are some really irritating issues what prevents to work with it quick

  • the hassle to get the VST symphonic library working in Cubase 6.5
  • now with this stupid “recent” issue

The option to remove recent projects has been asked for before - hopefully it will be in the next version. In the mean time, you can rename (or remove) the project directory concerned, and then select the project. Cubase will then give you the option to remove it from the list.

Yes , thanks! … i just figured it out …solved again pff
BUt it seems that the default templates not working for the new directory for the projectfiles?
Cubase 6.5 is now crashing when i try to load a default template …because it is not in the new dirrectory ?.. i must set a new project folder?
This i really a stupid situation…what are they doing there at steinberg ?

Your templates aren’t stored in project folders.

Define “crashing” please.
What error message pops up?

Well it works this workaround…the renaming of the projectmap if you do need to remove the “recent” projectfiles.
Only with loading a default template …it ask for the project location ( that is a option inthe project assistent!)
So this issue is solved

Recent projects are stored under the heading “GRecentDocumentPaths” in the file “Defaults.xml” in the App Data folder. You can just edit them out from there rather than fiddling your project folder names.

Ok, that is a other way to get rid of the not te be used anymore “recent” projectfiles
I don’t know of this is a more easy approach, than only chancing to another project directory? (folder)
Or do i miss something ?

BUt i reinstall Cubase again to get it ( try ) back to default state
The media bay comes again with chanced configurations ( that is not what i want )

Further Cubase is crashing again if i load a “recent” file again( i thougt i fixed it ??)
note: probably it is searching for the documentpath what is in the App Data… default.xml, but what is chanced by me ( that is a assumption of me )

Perhaps i must firs tgive the project folder path in Cubase when i start with sat a empty project and Cubase is asking for this?
Well it becomes complicated and i don’t like this at all…this stupid error seeking…it is so boring

Meanwhile at had big plans for composing with the expressions map and now i am dealing with this stupid issue
Thanks Steinberg for your not clever software!

Ok it seems to now working (how?..again with a open a empty projectfile and later a recent projectfile)with the projectassistant … and the Mediabay also ( because Halion has 2 soundbrowser …one programslotbroswer( were i am after at…because it shows all sounds in Halion SE…now i can easily make the expressionmap keyswitches for the programs) and a second topbrowser .
Finally i can concentrate myself on composing again