How to remove text snippet

Is there any way to remove “text snippet” from the save menu? In Wavelab 7 I see “history” and “text snippet” when saving a file. I would like it to be like in Wavelab 7 elements, just recent files.


Not possible, sorry.

Hi Philippe,
Thank you very much for your quick reply. Any chance to change this for future updates? This would make my life much easier. I save thousands of indiviual wave files.


What is the problem with this? This is just a disabled entry at the bottom of a menu, if you don’t use it.

I know it is not a big problem, unless you save hundred of files every day. An extra pop up menu, is just another step you have to pass hundred of times.

Thanks again.


This is a good argument against this extra popup menu. I will try to set a new menu arrangement to avoid this extra sub-menu (while keeping the harmless Snipets sub menu).

Wow, thank you very much Philippe!!! :slight_smile: