How to remove triplet and fix other notes compensating it

Hi everyone

I imported a MusicXML for a score which i am learning. But somehow obviously something went wrong during the transformation from image to xml, and i try to figure out if it is possible to fix this, or whether the measure has to be rewritten again.

The measure has 2 groups of actually 4 8th notes. But the first 3 notes from the first group are set as triplet, and a 8th note from each group compensates this so there is no rest.

When i remove the triplet, the last note from the 1st group changes to a 16th, and when i change the 2nd note from the 2nd group a rest will be added after it. Whatever i try here, i end up in not getting it right.

Is there a way to easy fix this ?
I added two screenshots for the wrong part and how it should be.
how it should be.png
how to remove triplet and fix other notes.png

This should be easy to sort out. First, make sure Insert mode is on (hit I, and make sure the caret with the chevrons is lit up in the note input toolbox on the left-hand side of the window). Next, select the tuplet number and delete it: this will make those eighths unscaled, regular eighth notes. To fix up the dotted eighths, simply select each of the dotted eighths and hit the . (dot or period) key to undot them. Then disengage insert mode (hit I again).

awesome ’ that was really easy. Thanks Daniel

You’re welcome. It’s in this kind of editing that Dorico really shines compared to other scoring programs, but you do need to know the right way to approach the edit to make it happen smoothly. Hopefully this has illuminated some of the ways you can use these editing features for other things in future.

This kind of duration editing (removing a tuplet and leaving regular notes, un-dotting and subsequent notes shift back) has always been possible in Finale – but only within ONE bar! In Sibelius deleting a tuplet deletes the notes too, and the start points of notes cannot be moved; its advantage over Finale is that it’s much harder to end up with the wrong total duration in a bar. Dorico clearly combines the best of both, and more besides!

In the documentation where addition of something is defined it would be great that deletion is also defined. It would have saved me a great deal of time. Also, when describing a function it would be great that the keystroke for that function is also given rather than having to go to keystrokes to find it and maybe it isn’t there…