how to remove unused players at once?


Is there a handy sophisticated way to remove unused players at once?

Thanks in advance.

In a flow? In a layout? In a project?

Setup mode, select the unwanted players in the left column, Setup menu>Delete player
[Edit] Please ignore my post. Lillie’s answer below is so much better !

You can also select multiple players in the Players panel, and then click the bin (“Delete”) button in the action bar at the bottom of the panel.


Is there any way to select all of unused players at once in the Player panel?


Selecting a flow or several flows in Flows panel automatically select all players in Players panel. If the Players panel provides “swap selection”, It will be simpler to select unused players in the Players panel.

It would be very handy when importing lots of musicXML since importing several musicXML files created lots of players. Thus, removing players is necessary after importing all necessary musicXML files.

Please consider implementing the feature to remove unused players at once!

When you import MusicXML, you have the option to merge with existing players where possible, rather than creating new players for each MusicXML file - would this help? If not, how/why do you end up with lots of unnecessary players? It sounds like if there is a problem that could benefit with a solution, it might not be ‘deleting players’ but instead something to do with the MusicXML import workflow.

For reasons unknown, importing flows sometimes adds duplicate players (not for all parts, but for some) even when Merge Players has been selected.

This can happen when importing from outside programs via XML, but (more difficult to understand) it also can happen when flows from existing Dorico projects are imported. The former situation is likely not solvable, since outside programs are not under Dorico control; but presumably the problem occurring when importing flows from other Dorico programs will be solved when appropriate, somewhere down the road(map).

I already know it

Yes, this is the problem.

Currently, the solution is not using the option to merge with existing players where possible. However, it lets the computer use too big memory. It is very clumsy when importing lots of musicXML.

I have lots of Finale files. Often the first step is importing musicXML produced by Finale.

I ran into this recently, as well, when importing several Finale files into flows in Dorico. Dorico merged all the instruments correctly except for one. Apparently there was something in the XML which Dorico interpreted as it’s being a different instrument. I ended up making a template from scratch in Dorico, importing the files separately and then pasting the music into the correct locations. It didn’t take that much longer but it avoided a lot of problems.