How to remove VST instrument in 7.5?

I loaded the wrong VST, but in 7.5, I can’t delete this VST… It was easy in C7, but can’t do it in 7.5…


Aloha L,

If you are talking about unloading a VSTi you have loaded into the ‘Rack’.

1-Once in the Rack, just click and hold on the name.

2-You will then get a lil pop-up that will allow you either load in a diff VSTi or
to load: ‘No VST Instument’ (at the top of the pop-up)

3- If you are talking about VSTi’s Instrument Tracks,
click the VSTi name in the inspector.
This will bring up that same load/unload d/log box.

Good Luck!

Thank you!