How to remove VST Instruments from a project

Hello all
I’m working with older projects containing discontinued VSTis and would like to remove them from the VST Instrument rack to free up space.
I can neither find a way to do this (right clicking not giving a ‘remove’ option and ‘Submit a ticket’ simply giving me ‘Goodbye you have been logged out’ :blush:
If anyone can help me with this 5 month old issue I would be very grateful. I’m a Cubase user of 20 years standing but have never struggled with an issue for so long,

many thanks, joe

In the VST instrument window, click on the label of the instrument that you want to remove and choose No VST instrument in the opened menu : it should do the trick.

Indeed, it would be more user friendly to have something like a ‘Remove instrument’ option when right clicking on a rack instrument. Added to this, the documentation is pointless in this case : nothing concerning an instrument removal, AFAICS…

Double post… :unamused:

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi cubic 13
Thanks your suggestion worked! I was being advised to Right click and no ‘Remove’ option was appearing.
No tech support still so thanks for this forum,