How to rename miditracks?

How do i rename my miditracks/recordings?
Say,i record a track,duplicate it and then want to give it a new name?

Like in the attached image…
I want to rename percussion to New drums…Not just the track but the recorded part as well.
Now both are called percussion…
It was possible just a week ago,but now i cant find it…
So how do i do it?

In the project window, you can name the track and then shift+return will name the recorded file.


You can also rename any part selected in the project … midi or audio … in the ‘info line.’ Make sure you click the little icon at the top of the main window to show the info line. Then at the left most first box in the info line you’ll see the name of the selected part. Double click it to enter a new name and hit return.


I have the Pref Parts Get Track Names enabled, and drag the part to the track. It gets named automatically. Sometimes I drag a part to the bottom of all tracks and back to the desired track to change the name to the track name. I use the Logical Editor to name tracks a lot, also.

Thanks for the help guys :smiley:
It was the info line i was looking for.Somehow i much have disable it…
But Shift+Return worked great too.

Thanks again!