how to rename plugins with Plugin Manager? Fixed in 8.5?

i cannot believe this has not been done in the Plugin Manager!

the whole reason for hacking with the Hex Editor was to change plugin names to something less cryptic, so they can be SEARCHED FOR easier with the fancy search dropdown box that was introduced in C7. So i can, for instance, change the cryptic name of the plugin that the manufacturer decreed “Maserati HMX Mono/Stereo” to something reasonable like “Waves Maserati Equalizer EQ”…so when i type EQ into the search box it actually comes up as an EQ in the list!

and this has not been done? so we still have to hack our VST3 plugins with the Hex Editor to re-name them?

looks like Plugin Manager will go on the pile of other half-baked and unfinished features that have been introduced for Cubase over the years. Nice feature to entice people to upgrade to C8, then only to realize it cant do one of the most fundamental things.

here is how to change the name of a VST3 plugin using a Hex Editor:

Steinberg i hope you actually make this possible in Plugin Manager without having to still continue to hack our plugins just to name them. Jeese. please add this “feature”.


(PS to be fair Grim, we were promised with the Plugin Manager that we “should not have to resort to hacking plugins with a Hex Editor” but we still need to do this!)