How to render a simple track

I am trying to create a simple voice sample for voice over in Cubasis 3. When I am finished cutting my recording, erasing mistakes and so on, I end up with a track that I am satisfied with. Then, when I press share and send it to my own e-mail, it contains the whole original track, including retakes and such, as if it didnt catch my editing. I tried ”mixdown” to create a track and withg the same result. Please, what am I missing?
I am guessing that there is a step I am missing, one that would render the track as I have cut it, and create a new track out of that.
Per Runhammar

Hi @Per_Runhammar,

Thanks for your message.

These are the steps to create a mixdown of your voice over project:

  • Set the “L” and “R” locator to match the full project length.
  • Go to “Media/Mixdown” and tap “Create Mixdown”.
  • In the “WAV” section of the “Mixdown” popup: make sure only “Mixdown between locators” is enabled, and tap the “Start Mixdown” button.*

*Freely decide yourself, if you want to enable “Normalize” as well.

To learn more about the Cubasis workflow, please check out our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial, where our friend Dom Sigalas shares all steps to create a full blown track with Cubasis from scratch.

Please let me know if this helps to resolve your problem!

Best wishes
& stay safe,