How to render-in-place, post-fader sends automated on top of automated post-fader of the track?!


I have done some heavy fine-automation written!

I cannot figure out, how to ‘print’ sends only! one by one for further detailed mixing.

2 sends:

  1. H-Delay stereo (post-fader, automation written)
  2. Reverence (post-fader, automation written)

Of this track, volume fader has also been automated.


Can I, ‘render-in-place’ these two sends separately…? if so, how shall I attack this?!

I’ve not tested it yet, but the solution at the end of this thread might help you:

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I will try this method :slight_smile: thanks!

I have just batch-multi export FX channels and re-imported it!
Found out, it works :slight_smile:
(meaning, automation, fader automation all written onto the export)

Though for separate send, I just needed to ‘MUTE’ every unwanted tracks but that is ok!

This is handy! Though I would love it to be part of the ‘render-in-place’ option in near future :slight_smile:


If Louis_R worked that one out himself, I have to call him a genius.

How funny, I’ve been wondering about this independently in the last day or so. I remembered something similar to that technique from long ago so did that.

It would be great to be able to have a render in place type option for group and FX channels as we have for audio channels.

Maybe this is what it will take to push me over the edge to finally learn how to program in the PLE! :grin: