How to render multiple audio tracks into a single one? fast!

I havn’t found another option but to make a group track and export it and reimport that file. That’s very time consuming. Isn’t there a better way?

It’s really important for stacking and layering up sounds without having a gazillion audio tracks. Cheers and thx for any help.

Try with the As One Event mode ?

yea this doesn’t do it, just renders all selected tracks like normal

Then you have no other choice than setting the Locators and Exporting with the audio mixdown. This is how you merge multiple tracks into one single file, basically.

but what if I want to just merge the events not the entire track? like layer them

Just mute the Tracks you don’t want, set the Locators where you want to render and select Stereo Out as the source.

what he says…

this should render all files to one file, if you set the right options in that little menu.
However, there was a big bug in Cubase 12 earlier that prevented this…for me, this got fixed after an update (i think it was 12.0.20).
So maybe its that…

okay thanks I’m on 12.0.30 though

any advice what I could try? or setting I could have screwed up?

and after render

If you’re just looking to work …

maybe putting the gazillion layers in a folder would work for you.

Also has the advantage that you can still make changes to the vocals until the last minute.

yea for vocals sure,

I’m talking more about layering up SFX, and yea I have a dedicated folder for the ones that come as audio files and arent within a VST instrument like Kontakt.

Glad its not just me. Not very helpful i know but i have been using audio mixdown. I thought you could do it as a render. I seem to think you could do it but it may have been a dream or accident

well I appreciate the input, cheers mate

it’s probably a bug though [I would speculate at this point considering the other replies] so let’s hope for a fix

You want to tick the “Mix Down to One Audio File” checkbox.

For consistency, select the Audio Events that you want to render, or use the Range Selection tool. Selected Events/Parts are prioritized over selected Tracks when using Render in Place.

The “As One Event” mode selection at the top of the Render in Place window is for rendering separate Parts or Events with gaps between them as one single event, like this:


How can I merge two different audio events without using a single track audio mixdown like stereo out, and mute all events except the two (solo them)?

How can this not be possible? I can just group the two audio events on a single track, why would: {mix down to one audio file} do something that I have a tool for? This makes no sense to me.

By using Render in Place like suggested in this topic. By enabling “Mix Down to One Audio File”, all selected events are mixed down (merged) into one file. You don’t even need to use Group Tracks or mute anything anymore.

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yeah, you cant use the ‘DRY’ option and ‘mix down to one audio file’ at the same time in this case.

you have to choose “Channel Settings” or the others, then tick the “Mix Down To One Audio File” option.

if its still not working, you should look it up on youtube, because it can be confusing as hell
just watch a couple of tutorials from Don or Greg