How to render multiple tracks but retain sync?

I have a montage with five tracks. Under Render, I choose ‘‘All Selected Tracks’’.

Unfortunately, the audio on the resulting five WAVs is no longer synchronised because each new WAV starts with the first audio, instead of the silence.

For example, here’s my original montage. Notice that the Presenter starts at about 10s…


And here’s the resulting audio. Notice that the Presenter starts at about 0s…


As you can see in the first shot, I tried placing a “Start” marker at 0s, but it didn’t change the outcome.

How to keep rendered audio from Multiple Outputs in sync?


Even if you make an Selections from 0/zero to End with All Tracks ?
Try do a copy of old Montage to new first and then Render this to second Montage, there must be a better way yes…

regards S-EH

Because you use the option “Create Audio Montage from Result” ?
If yes, this option is not meant to recreate the same montage.
What do you want to achieve, exactly?

Thanks, PG.

In this case, I manually inserted the five new WAVs into a new montage - I didn’t use “Create Audio Montage from Result”.

What I want to achieve is to render “All Selected Tracks” with the appropriate duration of silence before the start of the rendered audio (in the illustrated case, about 10s). Then, when I insert the audio into a new montage (or a different DAW), the audio across the different tracks will be synchronised.

This render option skips on purpose the silence segment before the 1st clip of each track.
There is rarely a need to render silences. Especially, reading and processing silence has a CPU cost.
To achieve what you want, use markers and snap to them when reinserting audio files.
There is even a copy/paste all markers to ease this task.

Thanks, PG.

I was able to achieve what I needed by manually inserting a tiny, silent clip at the start of each track.

Here you can see the Presenter (using the example I illustrated earlier in this thread) starts correctly at 10s…


It would be great to see a Render Option for “Include Silence before Start of First Clip”, or something similar.

If you add CD Markers (quickly and easily done with the CD Wizard) and define what you’d like to be the result, it’s very easy to render All Marked CD Tracks and everything will stay in sync.

There should be no need to manually add silence if you:

  1. Arrange the clips how they should sound
  2. Use CD Markers to define the actual range/length of the desired CD tracks
  3. Render a file for each CD track which will then include the silence between any clips

but isn’t “Whole Montage” for Multiple Outputs missing
now when WL 11 is multi track compatible in general

just asking :slight_smile:
regards S-EH

A montage track is not necessarily a montage output, aka “speaker”, eg. L/R, C, LFE, etc…
However, in the render options, you can choose to render L/R, C, LFE, etc… as separate audio files.

I note the idea for a future version.