how to render (quickly) inserts in a track?

Is there a faster way to render inserts of a track than exporting, reimporting, set routing/input/… and deleting the old track? There must be something better but I could not figure it out by looking at the manual.


Yes, use the Sample-Editor and choose Effects - Plugins…

Of course, there you can render only one Plugin after another…

Thanks for the reply, I was aware of that but the problem is that it works clip by clip and it does not work with Melodyne (who knows why?)

There is a faster way involving Freeze.

that sounds interesting but am I wrong or frozen tracks are not shown in the pool? do you need to look for the frozen audio file manually?

When’s the last time you opened the project folder to see what’s there?



With exporting you can set an option to import the track into your project and the audio pool if I’m correct.
Also FX (offline) processing in the audio menu, but that would be destroying your original track I suppose?
Not in front of my daw now, so can’t be exact.