How to renotate a tied note?

I chose a quarter note + inthe notes tool box I selected “dotted notes” + “Force Duration”

In the score window the note displays as a quarter note tied to an eigtht note. Which is not what I want to see.

How do I get Dorico 5 to renotate this and display a “dotted quarter note” instead ???

First of all, it isn’t changing your notation - even though you are selecting a dotted quarter, what this actually does is tells Dorico “give me a note equivalent in length to a dotted quarter note”, and so whether it displays as an actual dotted quarter or a series of tied notes will depend on the context (the time signature, what beat it starts and ends on, etc.). For instance, normally you don’t want a dotted quarter to start midway through a beat or something, or to have one obscure beat 3 in a 4/4 bar, so in those cases Dorico would show it as a series of tied notes instead.

You can either force it to be a literal dotted quarter by activating “Force duration”, or go into your notation options and configure it so that notes in that context are normally shown as dotted quarters.

EDIT: Now you’ve edited your question to indicate that you are using Force Duration when entering so I’m not sure what is wrong here. When I do this same thing it works. It might be that you activated force duration after entering the note instead of before, or something like that. You’ll have to show an image or something of the context, or share a file.

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If the note already appeared as a quarter tied to an eighth at the moment when you activated Force Duration, Dorico won’t change its appearance: it will lock-in the appearance it has at that moment.

In the first instance, if you haven’t finished inputting notes in this bar, do that: notes can be notated differently depending on whether they’re followed by another note, or a rest. A dotted quarter at the start of a 4/4 bar is a common example of this.

Second, if you have Dorico Pro or Elements, go to Library > Notation Options > Note Grouping and check for a default setting that causes notes in the corresponding context (time signature, position in the bar, followed by either a note or rest) to be notated as a dotted note rather than tied.

Finally, if neither of the first two have solved your situation, you can use Force Duration – but if the note already appears as tied notes, you first need to change its duration so it uses a single notehead. E.g. select the note, press O to activate Force Duration (if it’s not already active), then 6 (so it’s a single quarter note), then . (dot) (to add the rhythm dot back)

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@Lillie_Harris @mducharme

Thanks guys for sharing your insights. The responses you’ve provided clarified my issue and provided the solutions as well.

Much appreciated! slight_smile: