How to Reopen an Effect Send Plugin's Interface??

I am just getting into Cubase, and I cannot find anything on how to reopen an inserted effect (effect send) plugin interface after closing that window. It has to be simple, but it isn’t obvious. I added it with the Destinations list in the channel editor window.

Can someone enlighten me on this ‘trick’?



Find the FX channel track. It will be in one of the insert slots.

There’s a way to open the effect from sends. I think it’s Alt + double click on the send.

Right click the Send and choose Edit Effect ******** from the context menu.

Thanks for the help. It would be nice if the effect could be opened from the main window, like an instrument can.

Here’s the thing - you can use the Generic Remote to open insert slots the way you’re asking. So you can use a midi controller / touch screen to open any plugin GUI from the main window, without having to look at the actual track. So for example, if I have a track selected in the main window, I have 8 buttons on a touchscreen that allow me to open / close each plugin in each slot with one button press.

You can see another dude with this setup in this video here (see when he describes the ‘edit plugin’ buttons in the bottom row:

However - this option is NOT available for sends. No option to do this anywhere in the 100s of keycommand and 1000s of generic remote possibilities.

With Generic Remote, the options for assigning buttons to insert slots include “on”, “bypass” and “edit”. Edit being the option to toggle open / close the plugin GUI. But for Send slots you only have “level”, “on” and “pre”.

Now - how I get around this is using is by using the Insert option. FX Channels are just like regular channels, in that they have 8 Insert slots. If I can open / close a plugin on an audio or group channel using Generic Remote, then I can also do it on an FX channel. The pain in the ass here is that you have to have the fx channel selected to do this.

Long story short - I’ve setup a macro that executes a search via Project Logical Editor (example - it searches for channel called “FX Channel 1”), and that Macro is connected to a Generic Remote button that opens up the insert channel 1 on that FX Channel 1. I can do it in one button press, but it was a HUGE pain to figure out and get working right.

Super long story short - you can do what you’re asking, but you would need to use an app / device that can utilize the Generic Remote feature. Example: TouchOSC, Lemur, Metagrid for iOS, etc. I do think it’s worth it to invest in this stuff as it substantially improves workflow, and helps access some of functions that are strangely not available in the keycommands list.

Thanks very much for that.

I find it very strange that Steinberg makes this so difficult.

I did see some touchscreen goings on in JunkieXL’s videos (superb, by the way).

Maybe I’m thinking to simple and I misunderstand what you exactly mean? But to open the interface of a send (FX channel) plugin I always click on the ‘E’ in the mixer window under the ‘send’ effects slots…