How to repeat indefinitely a guitar track that I recorded

I have the free Cubasele8 version and was wondering if anyone could walk me through the “looping” or indefinite repeat of a track that I record with a guitar? The previwer doesn’t have enough volume for some audio loops that I get from media bay, that is if i can get a track filed in the bay, named so I can recognize it…I’d rather not do it that way, fooling around with the gain or volume and distorting the track…can anyone help?.. I’ve been all over YouTube and forums but they seem to apply to another type of cubase.

After you edit the audio to be what you want to loop, highlight that audio part and hit Ctrl/d to duplicate it as many times as you want to loop it.

Or if you just want to loop it to edit it…

Set the locators to either side of what you want to loop and hit the "Loop function’ button on the transport bar.

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Exactly what is a locator? Also, I’m just using the loop or indefinite repeat to play along with or create rhythm and solo etc.

I accidentally double clicked the track and something called sample editor window opened up and it has an audition loop function that repeats indefinitely…if you can explain the “arrow” click at beginning and click at end point of sample I would try it…I had no luck clicking at beginning and the end and then loop…

The locators are represented by the small arrows (looks like triangles to me) and are found in the timeline section of your project. Click and drag them as necessary. Drag the left one to the beginning of the loop and the right one to the end. Hit the loop function on the trasport and it will play repeatedly.

But if you want to record something while listening to a looped section then you need to edit the audio to be what you want to be looped. Meaning, drag each end of the audio to the spots you want to be the beginning and end points of the loop then hit ctrl/d to duplicate them to the length you need. Then play and record to that.

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Aufio part editor-> “imdependent track loop”

I am letting everyone know that there’s still another way of doing this…I guess after experimenting so much, I stumbled on is—highlight or click the track on the waveforms—then the letter “P” on the computer keyboard–then the purple loop icon on the transport panel—the click play on panel…it will loop indefinitely but if i try to raise or lower the tempo it changes the loop in such a way as to make it sound like it’s skipping.I would appreciate some help there because if i drag a drumloop from media bay it certainly helps in practice and creating, but they won’t change meter or tempo correctly for me…

Cannot find audio part editor. .maybe this pic will help…
Don’t pay attention to pic not downloaded yet…it works for me…

You know… I’m not sure if the CB LE version has an audio part editor. But, if it does, double click on a audio part and the audio part editor will open either in the lower zone or it’s own window (dependent on how your preference is set up to open it and/or what version of CB you have).

This is a good idea but, for all the years I’ve had Cubase I have never been able to figure out how to get this function button to be available. For me, I rarely (if ever) would use it but I always wanted to at least try this function. The manual says this… “If it is not visible, right-click the toolbar and add the Independent Track Loop Settings section.”

When I right click the toolbar there is nothing that says “Independent Track Loop Settings” to add? I would appreciate it if someone would further describe how to see this function. I would appreciate it. :wink:

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Use the audio part editor, not the audio editor

Looks like what I was calling the “audio editor” is actually named the “audio part editor” in the manual (although the open window itself is named “sample editor”). One way to open it is to double click on an audio part in the project window. Mine is set to open in it’s own window. Not the lower zone.

In the CB op manual on page 524 it shows a picture of the “Independent Track Loop” function and a few pages later, on page 528, it says… “If it is not visible, right-click the toolbar and add the Independent Track Loop Settings section.” This is where I am having an issue. When I right-click the toolbar I do not see anything named “Independent Track Loop” to add.

If anyone knows how to get the “Independent Track Loop” section to be added please advise. Thanks.

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If it is called “sample editor”, then it is the “sample editor”. And the sample editor is not the audio part editor

If double clicking on an “audio part” opens the sample editor means, you´re double clicking an “audio event”, not an “audio part”

As I had written in in the above post

I forgot to press enter on the computer keyboard after changing the tempo in the sample editor…after I pressed enter and went back and played my audio drum loop track that i dragged into an audio track the tempo did change like I wanted…

Thank you. That helped to explain it a bit.

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Glad you got it sorted. :wink:

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