How to replace a superclip in a montage?

Hi experts - I am running WL 9.0 and trying to find a way to easily replace a super clip in a montage? I am thinking something along the lines of how you can replace a file in a regular clip. I have poked and prodded and the only way I can find to do it is to delete the old super clip and insert the new sub-montage (which turns into a super clip). You then have to re-attach CD begin/end markers and adjust the timings which is potentially error prone.

The reason I want to do this is I have a montage for a CD which containing superclips of each track. I am doing things this way because I found that trying to master each track/clip with clip effects made WL very sluggish, especially at start-up. I’ve done version 1 and expect I’ll need to do version 2. I want to keep version 1 as is so I can go back to it if necessary, which means I don’t want to freeze it and I don’t want to edit the sub-montages in that version. The plan is that I make a copies of the sub-montages I need to revisit and swap them out in version 2 of the CD montage.