How to report a Cubasis LE problem

Dear all,

In order to make the issue subforum better manageable, please follow these easy rules.

1. Before posting a new report, please use the search function (to look out for an already existing report)
2. If you don’t find a similar thread create a new one (one report per issue)
3. Make sure to follow the reporting form below when creating a report

Reporting Form (Feature Requests / Issues)

1. Summary/Title
(Provide a short but descriptive sentence that summaries the issue or feature request)

2. Description
(Provide a detailed description and list the step by step process to reproduce the issue to help the team to understand and reproduce the problem)

3. Expected Results
(Describe what you expected to see)

4. Actual Results
(Describe what you actually saw)

5. Environment
(Count the hardware and software including version numbers being used)

Thanks for your support.

Best wishes,