How to resell it

Hello, I would like to resell my WE9 (just purchased) to a friend.
But I don’t want to spend 23 EUROs for purchasing a USB stick in order to resell a 99 EUR SW!!! It’s nonsense.
Which is the simplest way to do it?

On there is a resale wizard:

Sure. It says I have to buy that damned USB stick…
After disinstallation, could not I just give my activation code to my friend? What’s the problem? Piracy? Do you really think to fight piracy with a USB stick? :slight_smile:

Well, I didn’t follow the wizard since I have nothing to sell… An activation code is a one time code to activate the license, so useless after it’s used. Get a USB stick, take your loss and sell license & stick to your friend.
And what I think of piracy is not relevant, only trying to help, thank you.

In this case, the USB-eLicenser is required for scam and theft prevention. It allows Steinberg to more reliably keep track of license transfers. People involved in fraud against other users or Steinberg will have their eLicensers bricked and wont receive support for the DAW. If the license was stolen, the original owner will receive replacement codes for all of their software.

What I’m curious about is why would you want to sell something you just bought.

OK, Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok, I see.

I need to resell it because the maximum number of effects in the master chain is only 5 (I need 8 or 9 in my typical chain).
Unfortunately (yes, I know…I am a stupid) I noticed this only after purchasing the full version, when I started to work on a real track.
I know there are workarounds, using third party patchers plugins etc, but they make the use much more complicated…