How to reset accidentals visibility for entire flow

Hello, I use Dorico to engrave pieces for a publishing house. In that capacity, I routinely import musicXML files sent to me by composers who use other (lesser) music notation apps.
In that process, many accidentals show up that do not follow the preferences I set in Notation Options. I end up having to go note by note, selecting and changing to “hide” or “show rounded brackets.” This is quite time-consuming. Updating the Notation options does not reset them. If I select all, filter for notes and chords, then I do not have the option to change accidentals visibility.
Is there a way to force Dorico to reset existing accidentals for the whole flow?

For next time, go to Dorico Preferences > MusicXML Import and turn off the option for accidental visibility.

This won’t help for anything you’ve already imported, but will save you having to go deal with this in future.

For your existing project, if you Select All and Filter Notes and Chords, you should then be able to turn off the Accidental property for all the notes at once. If the relevant property doesn’t show up after filtering notes, try setting the Filter to Deselect (top of the Filter submenu), then Filter Deselect Tuplets and Grace Notes.

Filtering for Notes and Chords works for me: I can clear the Accidental property of the complete selection. Perhaps something else is still selected. Tuplets?

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Yes! The grace notes and tuplets were the culprit. Thank you!

Yes, the tuplets! Thanks!