How to reset event volume automation?

I’ve drawn in some automation onto an event with the pencil tool by creating noads. How do I remove all of these with one fell swoop?

If you want to delete ALL events on an automation lane [eg ALL mutes/volume etc.]:
Select Tool [KC 1] :: Select the relevant automation lane :: Select all on track [KC CTR+SHIFT+A] :: Delete

If you want to delete SOME events on an automation lane:
Select Range Tool [KC2] :: Rubber band the relevant nodes :: Delete

If you want to delete all automation on a track [all different types of automation]
Select the Track :: Automation Panel/Functions/Delete Automation on Track

IF you want to delete ALL automation - Project-Wide!! - in a range [CAREFUL!]
Select the range :: Automation Panel/Functions/Delete Automation in Range
NB This will delete all automation in the Project in the Range

Thank you for your response. But I was wondering if there was a way to delete all automation DRAWN ONTO AN EVENT with the pencil tool. For example: choose the pencil tool (KC 8), go to an audio event and draw some automation by clicking and making nodes. Now how to delete them all?

If I press SHIFT, the pencil turns into an eraser. Great, but would be nice if I could delete all the nodes or “reset” the event with one click?

I don’t have a Nuendo close right now but, yes there is A key commmand to do that.
I have it assigned to ctrl/shift/backspace but that isn’t a default assignment for sure.

“Remove Volume Curve” under key commands.

thank you!