How to reset my Variaudio to default


I started using cubase 9 recently and was experimenting with Variaudio. After making pitch corrections, I closed the Variaudio page and continued work on the song. Later I was making a destructive change to the audio clip and a warning popped up about the Variaudio changes. I ticked do not ask again and continued. I later noticed the pitch correction changes I made had been removed. This now happens Everytime I make changes to the pitch. Help!!!

From your description it’s not clear to me what you did or what the pop up was that you got. You have to be more specific on what you did. Certain actions cannot be done on a Variaudio event. It is what it is. You can try to check your Preferences to get the messages back.

Edit → Preferences and scroll to the bottom and select Variaudio. Make sure the Inhibit warning boxes are unchecked. Good chance you will get the messages back.


Thanks sir. I’ll give your solution a try

You’re welcome… It’s not a real solution but depending on what you did it might get the warning back. Remember to read the warnings. Some things can just not be done with Variaudio files.