How to reset plugin folder?

When using jBridge, I find that if I add an entire directory of plugins at a time and scan, N5 crashes. If I add a few plugins at a time, scan, update, add a few more, scan, update, etc. it works fine.

I added a new plugin, added it to the vst 2.x plugin path, and clicked “update.” N5 crashed. So I decided to delete all of my plugin folders and start from scratch, adding them one by one. But I’m not able to do this. Even when I click “reset”–deleting all plugin folders–and click update, N5 crashes. When I open it up again, all the plugin folders appear again under the VST 2.x plugin path.

Any ideas on how to delete these paths and start fresh? Is there a stored setting somewhere that I can delete?

Assuming you’re using jbridge to go 32 to 64.
There are redundancies built into this list.

Start over.

  1. delete all your 64bit jbridge plugs
  2. device menu, plug in info, vst2x plugin paths, REMOVE any non default shared folders.
  3. don’t click update, just close nuendo
  4. Create a folder on your C:drive for Jbridge plugs - mine is C:/BRIDGED PLUGS
  5. open nuendo
  6. device menu, plug info, vst2x plugin paths, ADD C:/BRIDGED PLUGS
  7. don’t click update, just OK out and close nuendo
  8. Run Jbridge, send all 64bit bridged plugs to your specified folder, stay organized, you can make folders with in this folder.
  9. run nuendo, vst2x scan will catch all your new plugs and they will be available

Report back if this works for you

Thanks for taking the time to post this Kid. This is valuable info to know. However, I wrote the developer of jBridge and he has taken care of the problem for me. Anyone having problems should contact him with a description of the problem, so that he can try to fix it.