How to reset the download manager?

Hello dear Cubaser,

I just tried to completely reinstall my Cubase 12. To do this, I uninstalled everything in my Window11 app control that started with Steinberg… in the name. Then I deleted the remaining Steinberg folders in Documents and Downloads.

Now I wanted to start from scratch and re-downloaded the download manager. When I started the download manager, it still thinks that all Cubase 12 components are already installed. Very strange, since I had uninstalled everything shortly beforehand.

How can I tell the download manager that nothing is installed anymore, how can I reset the thing?

Thanks for hints

I found out that there is another Steinberg folder and deleted it as well:

Still the same. The download manager still remembers the last installation.

What else do I have to delete so that the download manager no longer remembers the previous installation?

Ok, the solution is described in

It’s more complicated than I thought :slight_smile: