How to reset the enharmonic spelling to default

When importing from MusicXML, I often find the enharmonic spellings to be undesirable. Is there a way to clear any overrides of enharmonic spellings to get the notes back to the default state as if they had just been entered directly into Dorico?

I realize I can use Alt minus and alt equals, but that’s not the same thing.

Have you tried the new (3.1) “simplify accidentals” feature in the transpose window ? Transpose to unison with that feature ticked should solve your problems…

[Edit] : sorry, the feature is to avoid double and triple accidentals, it might not bring good results here. Alt-up and alt-down might be more efficient on this one!

[Re-edit] : Read Daniel’s answer after mine, I should not have intervened here… :arrow_right:

There’s no command to reset the enharmonic spelling of a note, since pitch is not an “override” as such, but rather an intrinsic part of a note’s identity.

I don’t understand this explanation. If I enter a key signature and then a bunch of notes, Dorico makes a number of decisions as to how to spell the note enharmonically. Most of those decisions are good. If they are not what I want, I can force a different spelling.

When I import from XML, it is likely that there will be lots of spellings that are different from what would have resulted if I had entered those notes manually into Dorico.

What I am asking for is a way to clear out any overrides and return the spelling to the way it would have been if I had entered the notes manually into Dorico.

Same thing happens on the beaming of notes. Beams are usually a mess when imported in XML, but there is a Dorico command to reset beaming which is brilliant.

If you enter a bunch of notes from a MIDI keyboard Dorico doesn’t have any option but make decisions about how to spell enharmonic notes. If you enter notes any other way, you get the spelling you entered.

MusicXML explicitly defines how to spell the notes, so if that is “undesirable” the problem is with the software that created the MusicXML file.

For tonality systems other than equal temperament, G flat and F sharp may not even have the same pitch. In Dorico they are not “different overrides for how to spell MIDI note 66,” they are “different notes”.

I am simply saying that there should be a command that forces Dorico to re-spell the selected notes as if they were freshly entered from a MIDI keyboard. I don’t see any ambiguity here at all. Dorico can do it when receiving MIDI notes. It can do what I am describing by reprocessing already entered music and treating the notes as if they just came in via a MIDI keyboard.

It is no different from requantizing or reset beaming. If it is something you would prefer not to use, that’s OK, but I’m telling you that this is a common problem when importing XML.

There are other times when it would also be useful. I may, for example, have a bridge where I originally entered the chords and notes with a bias to flats. Later I might decide it makes more musical sense to bias that section toward sharps. It would be nice to remove any enharmonic spelling I have applied manually. it would be even nicer if there were a command to cause Dorico to respell based on the current chord names.

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