How to reset the GR meters in MixConsole.?

Have never found an answer to this (since v9.x.x). The peak level ‘hold’ visual indicator never disappears; right-clicking to ‘Reset Meters’ doesn’t work, switching back and forth from PPM to Waveform, or opening closing the entire mixer, doesn’t work. Anyone any ideas please.?
C10_cannot reset GR meters.gif
(the GIF loops three times - there’s already a peak level hold indicator seen, from me working just before recording the video…)

Does alt + click work?

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Ok, yes - that does help.! But all that happens is that the ‘dot’ moves/resets to the top of the meter - and stays there forever.! So, it is better than it was… :slight_smile: Thank you @Prock


I’m glad it helped a bit but, what does the pop up say when you hover the cursor near that dot. Sorry but, on your .gif the pop up goes by too quickly and is too small to see on my phone. I hope it gives you a hint for that dot.

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It says exactly as you had suggested in your earlier post - “Press to Reset Meters”. Funny, because right-clicking on the meters and choosing ‘Reset Meters’ from the context menu, doesn’t do the same…
None of this is a big deal.! :smiley: