How to reset the little scroll bar at the bottom of the window back to normal scrolling distances

I am referring to the little left to right scroll bar at the bottom of the editor and piano roll windows. It used to be if I moved it just slightly, it would scroll a short distance (e.g from bar 14 to bar 30), which is within my project. Somehow I must have done something in settings?? because now when I move it a tiny bit, like a millimeter, it will jump to bar 2000 or something crazy like that with just a slight nudge.

What do I do to reset it so that it doesn’t jump to outside of my project’s boundaries?

And, another thing that changed, which may be part of this: is that I used to be able to hold-click in the time line and scroll left or right, but now it won’t.



My guess is, your Project duration changed. Go to Project > Project Setup and decrease the Project Duration, please.