How to reset to factory settings Cubase 10.5?

I’ve been having problems with this program since two days. first it won’t play my tracks in the correct tempo but all in slow motion. when I want to create a new project the preview of the loops are working but when I insert them into the channel it won’t make a sound. I am getting crazy. how can I reset this program?

Launch Cubase and immediately before the splash screen appears hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift. Then in the windows that appears check “Delete program preferences” and click OK.
(Be aware that all your preferences will be permanently removed)

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thanks for the reply! unfortunately nothing happens when I press the combination. Is there any other way?

You have to be quick.
Try again

you’re right, now it worked! thank you!
also the problem resolved when after resetting I canged from ASIO4all to low latency ASIO. everything’s back to normal. amazing. thanks again

That’s nice to hear. :slight_smile:
You’re welcome.