how to reset transposed notes to original

I have used the transpose setup function to change notes in my song. How do i reset the transposed notes back to original?


This is so called destructive function, so the project doesn’t know the original position. The only one way is to use Undo, now. If you want to Transpose non-destructive way, use MIDI Modifiers, or the Transpose track.

thank you, but then I will have to change a track channel one at the time. With transpose setup function, I can transpose all selected parts at one.

Yes, you can also Transpose all tracks at the same time by using the Transpose track.

guide me please then

Add a Transpose track. For every single MIDI Event, you can then select, if it should or not- follow the Transpose, in the Info View of the Project window.

Add an events of transposition in the Transpose track, and set the Transpose.

Ok i found out how to add the transpose track, but how do I control only to transpose the selected tracks and not everything in the song like drum tracks? I want the drums to stay.

nice thank you :wink:

very importens tip for me, so I did not use the destructive setting in all of my songs.