How to 'reset' wave recording BACK to its original length?

Hope I make myself clear!

So, I roughly adjust the starting and ending point for rough mix!
Then whenever I start do ‘final’ lead vocal COMPING, I always need to reset all recordings length???
And sometimes it gets extremely time consuming?!

So, like for my case, sometimes I record almost 40 times~80 times, and
I need to click on the wave file and drag to left and drag to right to monitor and carefully
check if I have missed some good part! *even breathe…(!)

So… is there any shortcut key or… I ‘select all’ then, click some combo keys to…
make all audio files BACK to its original length?!

Cheers in advance :slight_smile:
This feature would be super helpful for my case!! and also lot of musicians who do many many takes!

Greg ondo has a video on comping on youtube,i was watching it the other night ,i think it will answer your problem

um… thanks!! but um… would you happen to know the link?! his live videos are normally extremely long… right??