How to resize Cubase Pro Window

This is very embarrassing for me to ask how to resize the Cubase Pro Window.
It is full or minimized but I need to resize it as I please.
Through it I can see the Windows desktop.
The Cubase Pro Project window resizes jut fine.

Dual monitors, The main is 4k
Windows 10.0.30 64bit

Have you tried to drag the conner to resize it? On the other hand if you are talking about the menu strip at the top and you have it set to have a background I’m not sure that can be resized.


Yes tried the resizing at the corners.
Even if “Show Cubase Pro desktop” is selected still cannot resize the Cubase Pro window.

The problem is that the 4k screen is 42" so the top is way high, hard to read and since I have neck problems it causes pain on my neck. So yes this issue is a pain in the neck. This is the only software that has given this problem.

Thanks for chiming in.

Anyone reading this can you check if you can resize your Cubase Pro window.
The Cubase Pro Project window I can resize just fine.

In another PC in an earlier Cubase version I was able to resize both windows.

Perhaps in Cubase Pro 10.5 this has changed?

Is there a way to resize/reduce the main Cubase Pro 10 window, the window that has the File, Edit, Project, Audio , Midi, Score … ? The Cubase Pro Project window I can resize just fine. On a large monitor it is hard to see and use those drop down menus. Perhaps a work-around?

Windows 10, 64 bit.

I bought DisplayFusion in the hope that by using virtual monitors I would be able to divide my 43" monitor in two, one on top of the other. I moved the Cubase Pro window to the lower virtual monitor but the drop down windows do not function.

If you are using this or another split screen program let me know. I must find a solution or I will not be able to use Cubase.

Now with Cubase 10.5 can resize the Cubase Pro Window?
It is full or minimized.
The Project window resizes jut fine.

Hmm… That’s interesting…
I just tried resizing it on PC and I can’t. It’s not really an issue for me but it’s an odd design choice…

Thanks for trying. It confirms the issue I am having with resizing the Cubase Pro window.
Wonder why thy disallow resizing this window.


I click the “minimize” on the upper “file” bar,then just drag it anywhere or just offscreen.

Thanks but I need access to the drop down menus.

I found a decent workaround.
I opened Cubase as usual and then dragged the Cubase Pro window to my smaller monitor located below the main monitor.
I had tried this before but somehow I was not happy with this setup then. Not sure why.
Now I am desperate so any solution looks good.

The project window remained in the main larger monitor where I want it to be.
Shut down and opened Cubase and it remembers where to open the Cubase Pro window.
So one issue solved and one more to go.