How to resolve missing files?

Question looks simple :smiley:

A project has been made from an AAF file with reference embbedded media. We choosed to NOT extract the media but a reference to.
(Was not able to extract the AAF cause we got this error: Err: 8012006A)

Anyway, the project been moved to another computer with all the media files.

Now Nuendo pop a “Resolve Missing Files” window. We can’t re-connect all the pool with a single AAF!

How can we do the re-connect?


You are going to have to get access to the computer that the files were on earlier.
If they are networked, point to the correct drive/folder/audio and let it find the files.
Then use “Prepare archive” to copy the files to your present working folder. If you cannot
network the computers, you will need to get a copy of the data from the other computer
on some form of portable media and load it onto your system, and then use “prepare archive”.

best of luck,