How to respect intro in MusicXML when not at beginning or end of score

I scanned a piece from Ignaz Pleyel where repeated group of measures have their own intro and ending like normally seen at the beginning of the scrore and matching part at the end of the score.

It shows correctly in the scanning software (Natate Me), but when imported into Dorico as MusicXML, Dorico fills the intro and matching ending measure with rests, which are actually not there in the MusicXML.

How can i stop Dorico adding those (ghost) rests ?

Sample attached. Green marking is the intro at the beginning of the score correctly shown as 1/4 measure. Red marking shows the wrong intro with 1/4 note in in the MusicXML and Dorico added the 1/4 rest.

You will either need to fix this up in NotateMe to make sure that it knows that you are trying to write pick-up (upbeat) bars, or you’ll have to fix it up in Dorico after import. To fix it up in Dorico, I suggest you insert a barline after the pick-up note and before the extra quarter rest, then show the caret in the bar with the quarter rest, and finally do Shift+B to show the bars popover, and type -1 to delete that bar. You can then repeat that procedure at the end of the repeated section where you have a similar extra beat.

At least what i see from the xml file it self it looks ok.
For example measure 10 has the following in the xml:

But once imported in Dorico, it does not show the forward repeat bar.

Anyway, will try to fix it in Dorco after import.

Apparently NotateMe does not handle pickups the same way Dorico does; so some (manual) adjustment in one product or the other needs to take place. Remember that Dorico is not measure oriented the way most former programs have been.