How to respell all flats in score as sharps? or vice versa.

Is there currently such function?
Just bought it today and still very new to it, great layout overall.

Yes: hold Alt and press - (hyphen) to respell using the note name below the current note name, or = (equals) to respell using the note name above the current note name.

Sorry, I meant is there a function to turn all flats to sharp/ sharp to flat in the entire score instantly with a click of a button.

No, I’m afraid not (and I confess I can’t think of a situation where this would be likely to do exactly what you would really want).

The function would be very useful for people like me who compose in logic and import midi track from logic to advance scoring tool, and put it into correct key instantly. Without having to change notes one by one.

I hope Dorico will be able to do this in the future :slight_smile: as ‘S’ do, to respell all flats to sharp/ sharp to flats.

Hi Daniel and ronny,

Firstly, Daniel, thank you very much for the program. I can tell already that it is going to be superior to the other two (and I’ve used both of them on and off over the past 25 years)! Dorico really has some “dream come true” features for me.

And another would be the one that ronny wants. I’d REALLY (really) like to be able to change all accidentals to flats (or sharps) all in one blow.



Old thread here I know, but one situation I’ve come across that seems related to this: If I have a range of music that is in, say, the key of G# Maj, and I want everything expressed instead in Ab Maj (including chord symbols and note spellings). Is there a way to do this in one swoop, without manually flipping every note and chord symbol? Changing the key doesn’t seem to affect chord and note spellings.

EDIT: After a little more experimenting, it seems I can at least select all the notes at once, and use the Respell command to flip them all at once. This doesn’t work on chord symbols though.

You should use the Write > Transpose dialog to transpose up by a diminished second.

ronnycmusic, you are not alone with your suggestion😊

It works! A bit of mental gymnastics to conceptualize transposing by a diminished second, but it does get the job done. Thanks Daniel!

select all notes → Filter “All sharp notes” or “all flat notes” → apply the desired respelling with the shortcuts