How to restore event size without mouse handles?

Hello there,

is there a way to restore an event to its original size? For example: i record some audio and i crop it (both start and end). Is there a way to have the event back to its full length WITHOUT the mouse handles? Key commands?



You can use Project Logical Editor like this:

Filter Target
( Media Type Is | Equal | Audio | And
Container Type Is | Equal | Event )

Action Target
Length | Multiply by | 100.0000 // This is the maximum value


The down side is, the Start position would remain.

You can assign a Key Command to this preset.

Thanks for your reply and for your help,

unfortunately this is not what i’m looking for, i’ll try to explain better.
I have my scoring template setup to export the mixbus and 9 stems for the dub. When i print them, 99% of the time i end up with some empty stems for the piece, so i have to track it down and delete it manually.

So i started doing this: print the stems and use Detect Silence with all time constants set to maximum allowed values and treshold to -90db (for reverb tails etc). This removes the empty stems from the tracks, i can then go to the pool, remove unused media, empty trash and voila everythings done automagically.

BUT let’s say i have a 6 minutes cue, and the brass section plays only at 02.20 and at 05.30. Since detect silence max values are 1min for open/close and 5secs for pre/post roll, the brass print will be split since it has gaps of silence in it. So what i’m looking for is something that “undoes” the edits on an event, restoring it to its full length (pro tools has this, but i don’t remember the function name. In reaper it’s Item: Set item start/end to source media start/end )

Hope this is clear, thanks a lot