How to retain automatic crossfade but lose automatic overlap

Hello all

When I have ‘no automatic crossfading’ select when montage editing, if I make a selection within a clip and delete it, then a butt-join is created between the two points either side of the selection. When I then drag one of these new clips over the other, there is no automatic crossfade.

When I have “Auotmtic crossfading - free overlaps”, if I make a selection within a clip and then delete it, then an auomatic overlap (of what seems to be about 150 ms) is created with an automatic cross fade. When I drag clips over each other, automatic crossfades are created.

Is there anyway to separate out these two behaviours?

What I would like to have is

  1. when I delete a selection, an automatic overlap is NOT created, the default is a butt-join.
  1. when I drag clips over each other I would like an automatic crossfade to be created

in other words I want “creating an automatic overlap” switched OFF and “create automatic crossfades when I drag clips over each other” switched ON. At the moment I only seem to be able toggle both OFF or ON, ont control them separately.