how to return cc121 warranty

i posted a few issues with my cc121 in the hardware forum, months ago, nothing but crickets …anyone know how to go about a warranty swap with steinberg for a new replacement unit ? less than a year old. Purchased from guitar center.


Have you tried contacting Guitar Center? They are pretty good at helping their customers. You might get a quick swap there.

If they can’t assist…

I would think you would put in a support ticket. It is located in the “My Support” section of your “MySteinberg” account. Below is what is found on the Steinberg website for US purchases.

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Warranty Policies

SNA provides warranty coverage for new Steinberg products originally sold by Authorized Dealers located in the United States. Check our dealer locator for a list of U.S. Authorized Dealers. Steinberg products purchased from retailers other than SNA Authorized Dealers (whether via the Internet, or otherwise) will NOT be covered by Steinberg’s warranties, and U.S. service centers will not repair such products under warranty.

All Steinberg hardware product qualifies for a 1 year warranty, including parts and labor.


Please read the Owner’s Manual completely. The information provided in this manual covers installation, operation, safety precaution and, where applicable, routine maintenance.
Should warranty service be required, you will need to be able to provide reasonable proof of purchase. Please save your sales receipt or other similar document. In the case of contractor– installed equipment, a photocopy of the site acceptance document would be considered acceptable.
Notify your SNA Dealer of any alleged defect promptly upon discovery or contact SNA Support directly at or by letter to Steinberg Technical Support, 11711 N College Avenue Suite 190, Carmel IN 46032.

thanks for putting this together Prock , will look into it