How to return HSSE Pro sounds back to Dorico Pro

Hey guys, i was tampering with the sound and techniques in Dorico Elements and changed the settings, but when i upgraded to Dorico Pro i wanted to return the sounds of the Pro version with their maps. Any help on how to do that?

Plus are the sounds real instruments and how in your opinion does it compare to libraries like BBCSO Pro and other good libraries?

You’d simply use the HSSE+HSO Playback template and… Tadam ! Discover why we almost all use NotePerformer or Synchron prime or way more (and complicated) libraries. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

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Oh figured that out with the trial but never really implemented it to the fullest with the articulations… But from what i heard, the strings staccatos don’t come close to the BBCSO…
I did venture into checking out the VEPro, but its beyond my budget at the moment as i just upgraded to the Pro… But thanks for the tip man! Much appreciated! :pray:t2:

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