How to return to exact volume level in automation

I have ended the verse abruptly by means of automation, so that the reverb does not bleed through to the chorus.

Problem: I want to return to the exact same level of volume as in Verse 1, but I am stuck trying to go back to 0.83! I can only select 1.24 or 0.54. No good :frowning:

How can i choose a specific volume in automation?

copy paste it.


I use the info line to enter exact values when I need to.

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That’s exactly what I would do as well. Highlight the automation at the beginning of the new section and you should see the values displayed in the upper left of the screen. Double-click on the value and enter in what you want.

Also why not just Automate a Mute on the Reverb Track when you want the verb to stop?


You can make the Info Line visible with this little icon:

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