How to reuse a piece of setup

Hello all,

I’m converting my last orchestral score in a template to simplify starting a new orchestra score. In this score, for all layouts, I’ve added an Alfaia instrument renamed to Chords for inputting chords, and a Pianoforte one renamed Ideas for laying down ideas before moving them to the real score. To this piano instrument I’ve added 2 more staves to cover very low and very high parts of the audio range. The 2 instrument were grouped in the Gathered Materials group (see next picture), and will not be displayed in the full score, nor included in the final mix.

Now I would like to create other templates for smaller ensembles (string quartet, trio, etc.) starting from the last score written for them, and I would like to include the same Gathered Materials group from the orchestral template. Is there an easy way to do it without recreating them manually for each template?

Make a score setup with the maximum number of staves/instruments you’ll ever use. Make a copy of this file and delete/add/change any instruments to get the next smaller score. Keep on making copies and modify each as you like.

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Yes this was what I’ve figured out too.
My problems is that I’ve already scores for small ensemble with already made title-page, second page, last page, mixer setup, etc.
I would like to start with them and then impor/copy this group of instruments.

Delete all the note entries from a copy and use as a template?

It’s much faster than create it from scratch. Mostly if you’ve changed some settings to create a sort of “style” and want to preserve it.

The only problem being is if you’ve used any unusual settings you may have forgotten about. I always write down (on paper) anything out of the ordinary.