How to reuse downloaded items in download manager

Hi , after having the stuff downloaded by the download manager I would like to copy my downloaded files from the download directory, and reuse them , I mean to put them in download directory on my second computer and let the download manager to recognize them as downloaded and somehow make him install them . the problem is that the download manager always starts downloading them again, Any chance to save my time and to avoid multiple downloading?

Just open the downloaded installers directly after copying them to the second computer?

will the download manager recongnize them as already installed later when I will try to look for updates?

The SDA is a bit of an anomaly where downloaded files are concerned.

After downloading and installing using the SDA, some files are deleted automatically, especially the sound content files, leaving empty folders.

If you go for a re-install, the SDA will recognise these folders as empty and proceed to download these files again. But if you choose to download only and manually install all content, then all files shall remain in the download folder.

The first time you use the SDA to download content, it will create a folder like “Downloads/Steinberg/x64”. This folder will remain as the directory for all future downloads of Steinberg content via the SDA, unless you change the path.

Since you want the SDA to recognise your previously downloaded folders from your other PC, what I would suggest, is to download a “Read Me” file via the SDA to create the SDA’s “x64” download folder and copy all content from the backed up “x64” folder to this one.

If any content is missing when you try to install, the SDA will attempt to download it. If the files do exist in the correct location, it will start the download but it will be much quicker as it will read the already downloaded files if they are the same.

You may need to check the content of each folder you wish to copy over to make sure files actually exist in all of them, because as stated, using the SDA to download and install content will delete some files after installation, not sure how it works if you customise your download location though.

I select the “Download Only” for all downloadable content in the SDA and then backup the x64 folder before installing using the SDA.

Also backing up any updates to the x64 backed up folder.

Hope this helps.

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great answer, now I know what basically is behind the scene and I will try a suggested strategy, thank you,

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If you have a network storage that is attached to both machines you can change the default download location to the network drive (which keeps the Downloads directory clean) and install from that drive.

For me nothing is deleted, so I can use this perfectly fine.

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Your welcome.