How to Revert Tuning to Standard Tuning?

Because standard ukulele chord diagrams are being shown incorrectly on the music—see the recent posts under Ukulele Chord Diagram Wrong?, which have not solved the problem)—I’m trying to revert the tuning in Setup > Players to the preset “Standard ukulele tuning” from the tuning I specified (a G3 instead of G4, other notes standard). However, “Compatible preset tunings” persists in showing “4 Strings: G3, C4, E4, A4 (project)” and “4 Strings: G4, C4, E4, A4 (project)”, rather than switching to Standard ukulele tuning. I reverted the individual string tuning manually before trying to reset to the standard tuning in the little dialog. How can I delete the (project) “Compatible preset tunings”? By the way, chord diagrams are the same for both low G and high G tuning.

I don’t think you need to delete the custom tuning: it should be possible to simply choose the standard ukulele tuning from the Chord Diagrams submenu from the player’s context menu in Setup mode.

Thanks for the suggestion, Daniel. The right mouse click>Chord Diagrams method, alas, doesn’t change from a project tuning to Standard tuning; and, yes, one of the project tunings is the “standard” tuning. Here’s a screen shot taken immediately after right-clicking and choosing Standard ukulele tuning:


The white dialog’s top three lines say:
4 Strings: G4, C4, E4, A4 (project)
4 Strings: G3, C4, E4, A4 (project)
4 Strings: D4, G4, B4, E5 (project)

I’m more concerned about incorrect chord diagrams, as discussed in the Ukulele Chord Diagram Wrong? post that Dan Kreider started. We couldn’t fix them.

In Setup. right click your ukulele player. ->chord diagrams->standard ukulele tuning.
This will reset all chord diagrams for that instrument.

(This worked for me having changed the tuning to non-standard, produced some wrong chord diagrams and reverted back)

Well, I just reset, by right-clicking, a couple of the ukuleles (I’m writing an arrangement with four ukulele parts) and they disappeared from the instruments on the left side of the Play window. And in the Edit Strings and Tuning dialog in Setup (see the screen shot in my previous post), the designation did not change to Standard ukulele tuning, but stayed with the project description.

If you could attach the project itself, Nancy, I could take a look and see what might be going on. I can’t quite picture what might be wrong.

Once you have set your ukulele tuning, you must then select the correct entry in the Chord Diagrams list for that player (if your tuning is non-standard, Dorico will have created an appropriate ‘project’ entry in the list).

If you are also showing chord diagrams at the top of the flow, you must select the same (non standard) tuning in the layout options (ctrl-shift-L)

Daniel, I’ll PM it to you. Thanks.