How to rewire individual Instruments As Separate Tracks into Cubase


I have a score for full orchestra in Finale that I would like to rewire to Cubase. When I rewire, C10 only creates a stereo track for the Rewire which is the output bus of the Finale’s Mixer. I was wondering how I could rewire all Finale Staves as separate stereo/Mono tracks in Cubase?

My audio interface is MR816 and I have up to 8 mono output available.

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In the Studio > More > ReWire, you can click to the ReWire software. Here you can add individual ReWire channels and route the outputs from Finale to these individual Channels.

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I have upgraded to Cubase 10 Element from Cubase 5. The Tracks with Cubase 5 where I have Locked the Automation, to stop any accidents, have resulted in me not be able to create Volume Automation on those same track when i have loaded the Project back up in Cubase 10. How do I Unlock Automation please?

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