How to roll back to N8.1?

I know I have been too eager to use N8.2, :unamused:
but after crash after crash N8.2 turned out to be useless for me on my old MacBookPro, although it seems to be supported (?).

Now, I want to roll back to 8.1, but I can’t see any download to it?
Except for a 12,5 GB download in MySteinberg/My Products?
Any help welcome.

Niek/ Amsterdam

Try to “trash” old preferences first … Here is N8.2 working fine without any crash, on Mac Pro 5.1 with macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 installed.

Yeah, I had some success with trashing prefs, but after restarting Nuendo (or my Mac) again Nuendo unexpectedly quit, mostly when opening a template with media, when Nuendo shows the “Resolve Missing Files”-dialogue by the way. So trashing prefs only works once-each-time on my mobile rig (very old, but supported MacBookPro)…Even when creating an empty project, it turned very unstable, (unexpectedly quit on very sudden moments), so useless for me…On my MacPro 5.1 it looks quite good though, except for the missing metronome-library and the -very annoying- Missing Flux Presets…

Thanks for your help though!
Niek/ Amsterdam

The 12,5 GB download in MySteinberg/My Products to Nuendo 8 turned out to be a download to Nuendo 8.2, which is useless for my mobile rig (see above), is there any download which lets me roll back to N8.1 ?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Hallo Niek,

I’m sorry to hear you are having crashes with Nuendo 8.2. Would you please send your last crash reports to All our tests here showed that the 8.2 Update was very stable, so we are interested in knowing what is causing the crashes in your MackBook Pro.

As for rolling back to 8.1.10, please use this link:

I will comment on your other post about the Flux issue.

All the best,

Thanks very much Luis,
The crash reports were sent to Apple automatically,
but I’ll “create” one by opening N8.2 on my MacBookPro and letting it crash (by itself, as described) on purpose.
Will report back to you this afternoon.

Your help is much appreciated.
Thanks, Niek

here is a link to my Dropbox, containing 2 text files which show my systems’ crash reports when opening or working on N8.2:

  1. trying to open a template which uses media.N8.2 unexpectedly quit on the end of the opening-sequence…
  2. working in an template without media, while switching presets in Studio/Audio Connections/Inputs N8.2 unexpectedly quit…

I hope your colleagues know what happened under the hood?
I’m rolling back to N8.1…

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Any word on crashes on Mac? I just installed 8.2 over 7.1 and get a crash the first time I start it every day. It starts fine after that.

Hi Niek,
How do we work without Trim mode for editing automation while recording an automation pass? That is not functioning on 8.2 on the Mac either. Even if it is stable, that is such basic functionality that it is a non-starter to be able to use it in a professional capacity.


I wasn’t aware it wasn’t working, I’ll try that. Just upgraded so haven’t hit that function yet.

It seems like the Trim function on both of my systems behaves as expected.

I’d be surprised if trim was working on your system. Try the steps at

Can you actually hear fader moves while recording an automation pass in Trim mode?

  1. Write some volume automation on an audio track.
  2. Press “Trim” in the Automation Panel.
  3. Write enable the audio track.
  4. Press Play and move the fader all the way up and down on that track.

You can see the automation being written but can you hear any changes? We can’t.

I can confirm that on my mobile rig (MacBookPro/Nuendo 8.1.1) I can hear and see volume changes while I move the fader in Write/Trim mode.
I’m not at my studio now so I can’t check it on my MacPro/Nuendo8.2 at the moment.

Niek/ Amsterdam

It’s an issue in 8.2.

Did a -very- quick check on my studio rig (MacPro/Nuendo 8.2) ; unfortunately I must confirm that I can’t hear my faders’ changes when in Write+Trim-mode…though it sounds like Nuendo “wants” to show the sound but “something inside is fighting it”…the sound pops up now and then…

Another “advanced DAW”-feature? :wink:

Niek/ Amsterdam