How to route a 7.1.4 group to 12 Mono Groups quickly?

Hello there.

I’d like to do some “creative” immersive audio mixing, and hope the 7.1 (or 7.1.4) group NOT at their ordinary positions.
That is, I wish to position each channel to individual positions, and may with some automation later.

If I send a 7.1.4 group to a Mono Group, it will perform a downmix, although there might be some options to turn off the downmix, I didn’t find any way to setup which channel routes to the Mono Group.
And the Sends is up to 8, not enough for 7.1.4.
I might need to separate the 7.1.4 into 7.1 + Quad(4.0) then do the similar things.

So my current solution for picking Top-Front-Left in 7.1.4 group to a standalone Mono Group, I need the following steps:

  1. Send the 7.1.4 Group to another 7.1.4 group B, to avoid downmixing
  2. Insert MixerDelay in B, and Route the TFL to FL, all others route to null (-)
  3. Send B to a Mono Group C
  4. Make C into Dolby Atmos Object.

Repeat 1~4 for remaining 14 channels, the LFE will be routed to the Bed and use MixerDelay to mute all other channels. (And I may also treat the LFE as an object, not must as LFE)

Hope I explained clearly enough.

Thanks in advance.

I think I understand, forgive if not. Have you looked into child buses? You can create, for example, a 7.1 bus, add mono child buses to break it out into each individual channel as a routing option, then just route to those individually.


Thank you for your tips.
And sorry for the late reply.

I noticed that the Outputs support adding child buses, but never tried to see if the groups support it too. Because I think even the group support adding Stereo Buses as a child, its PANNER is still 7.1, not a mono/stereo panner for each child buses.

If you have any other ideas, please share with us.

Thank you.

The panner of the main group will reflect the highest channel count of what you set it as, yes. So if you create a surround group then you’ll have a surround panner.

But what you can do is create separate mono or stereo tracks (which will give them the appropriate panner) and then route their output in Routing to the child bus/busses you create. From there you route whatever tracks you want to that input (NOT the main group) which then feeds the child bus/busses belonging to the main group and spits it out the output you choose.