How To Route A Standalone App To Cubase

I’m using a standalone app called Hi-Pi Instruments “MicroSynth” which enables using microtonal scales.

I use another app on “Microsynth” called “MIDIYoke” It’s a virtual MIDI Input app. I can play the virtual keyboard on “MicroSynth” without using the real MIDI Keyboard.

I think that “MIDIYoke” can be routed into Cubase. So I can use “MicroSynth” with Cubase.

MIDIYoke is not a must for me. Finally I use the real MIDI Keyboard for playing. Is there another way for routing without it I’m okay with it.

I want to use VST Plugins with “MicroSynth”.

So, how to do that?


If there is a VSTi version of the synth, then just add an Instrument track in Cubase, and select the MicroSynth VSTi. Then you can play your MIDI Keyboard. The MIDI data is routed directly to Cubase (no MIDIYoke) needed.